Garage doors are an essential component of any home. They provide security, and protection from the elements, and can add value to your property. However, like any other mechanical device, they require proper maintenance to ensure they function optimally. In this article, we will take a closer look at garage door service and what you need to know to keep your garage door in top condition.

Garage doors are an integral part of your home. They provide security, convenience, and aesthetics. Most homeowners use their garage doors as their main entryway into their homes. As such, it’s essential to ensure that they’re working correctly. Regular garage door service and maintenance will help to ensure that your garage door functions properly and lasts for years to come. A garage door works using a system of springs, cables, and tracks. The garage door opener provides the power needed to lift and lower the door. When you press the button on your garage door opener, the motor turns on, and the chain or belt moves, pulling the door up or down.

Common Garage Door Problems

Garage doors are subject to wear and tear over time, and many homeowners will experience one or more of the following problems at some point:

  • Broken Springs
    Broken garage door springs happen as a result of the springs experiencing a lot of tension and can break after years of use. If you hear a loud bang when opening or closing your garage door, this could be a sign of a broken spring.
  • Damaged Rollers
    Garage door rollers can become worn or damaged, causing the door to move unevenly or get stuck. You may hear grinding or scraping noises when operating the door if the rollers are damaged.
  • Misaligned Tracks
    If the tracks that guide the garage door become misaligned, the door may not move smoothly or could even become stuck. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including loose hardware or debris in the tracks.
  • Malfunctioning Opener
    The motorized opener that controls your garage door can experience a variety of problems, including faulty wiring, worn gears, or a malfunctioning remote control.

Garage Door Service: Signs You Need a Professional

Several signs indicate that your garage door needs servicing. Some of the most common include:

  • Slow operation
  • Excessive noise
  • Door doesn’t close completely
  • Garage door is off-track
  • Unbalanced door
  • Door reverses when closing
  • Door doesn’t open or close with the remote

If you notice any of these signs, it’s crucial to have your garage door serviced immediately.

Importance of Regular Garage Door Service & Maintenance

Regular garage door maintenance is crucial to ensuring that your garage door operates correctly. It helps to identify potential problems before they become major issues and can save you money in the long run. Proper maintenance can also extend the life of your garage door and ensure that it operates safely.

There are several things that you can do to maintain your garage door. These include:

  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Tightening loose hardware
  • Checking the door balance
  • Inspecting cables for wear and tear
  • Cleaning the tracks

When to Call a Professional

While some garage door maintenance tasks can be done by homeowners, many repairs require the expertise of moving unevenly or making grinding noises.

  • The springs appear to be broken or damaged.
  • The tracks are misaligned or bent.
  • The opener is malfunctioning or has stopped working.

Attempting to repair these issues without the proper training and tools can be dangerous and may cause further damage to your garage door system. While DIY maintenance is important, it’s also crucial to have your garage door serviced by a professional. A licensed garage door company has the tools and expertise to identify and fix problems quickly. They also have access to high-quality replacement parts if needed.

Types of Garage Door Service Offered by Professionals

There are several types of garage door services, including:

  1. Garage Door Repair
    Garage door repair is a crucial service that helps to maintain the functionality and security of your home. Whether your garage door is making strange noises, has a broken spring, or has stopped functioning altogether, a professional garage door repair technician can identify the issue and provide an effective solution.
  2. Garage Door Maintenance
    The garage door is an essential component of your home that you probably use every day. It keeps your vehicle and other belongings safe from the elements and potential theft. However, it's easy to take your garage door for granted until something goes wrong. That's why regular garage door maintenance is crucial to keep it functioning optimally.
  3. Garage Door Installation
    Garage door installation is a significant investment in your home. It’s essential to choose the right type of door for your home and have it installed correctly. A professional garage door service provider can help you choose the right type of door and install it properly.
  4. Garage Door Replacement
    Your garage door serves as your home's first line of defense against intruders, so ensuring its proper function is crucial in keeping your home and family safe. Apart from security, a faulty garage door can also pose a threat to your safety. A malfunctioning garage door can lead to accidents, injuries, and even death. A replacement is necessary when your garage door is beyond repair or has surpassed its lifespan.

Choosing a Garage Door Service Company

When choosing a garage door service company, it’s important to do your research and select a reputable and experienced company. Look for companies that are licensed and insured, have good reviews from past customers, and offer a warranty on their work. Additionally, be sure to ask for a written estimate and compare prices from several different companies to ensure you’re getting a fair price.

Garage Door Service: Safety Tips

Garage doors can be dangerous if not used properly. Follow these safety tips to help prevent accidents:

  • Keep fingers, hands, and other body parts away from the moving parts of the door.
  • Don’t try to manually lift a garage door that is stuck or malfunctioning.
  • Keep the area around the garage door clear of debris and obstacles.
  • Test the safety features of your garage door opener, including the auto-reverse function and photoelectric sensors, on a regular basis.

Garage Door Replacement Options

If your garage door is old or damaged beyond repair, it may be time to consider a replacement. There are several types of garage doors to choose from, including:

  • Steel doors, which are durable and low-maintenance.
  • Wood doors offer a classic, traditional look.
  • Aluminum doors are lightweight and rust-resistant.
  • Composite doors, are made from a mixture of materials and offer the best of both worlds in terms of durability and appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How often should I have my garage door serviced?
It’s recommended to have your garage door serviced at least once a year by a professional.

What kind of lubricant should I use on my garage door?
Use a silicone-based lubricant specifically designed for garage doors.

How long do garage doors typically last?
With proper maintenance, a garage door can last 15-30 years or more.

Can I replace a garage door opener myself?
While it’s possible to replace a garage door opener yourself, it’s recommended to hire a professional for safety reasons.

What should I do if my garage door is stuck?
If your garage door is stuck, do not try to manually lift it. Contact a professional garage door service company for assistance.